Profit Monk trading advantage

Only buy when it is cheap enough

Welcome to the world of trading options. Buy low and sell high is the trick behind any investing strategy. The key value that PROFITMONK algorithms bring in is help identify the options that are cheaper to invest in and also have a potentially huge upside. S&P500 has 500 stocks listed and each of these have 100s of different options being traded. The options vary by their strike prices, expiry dates etc. That is thousands of choices every day.

The infographic below shows the number of trade informations generated anually for both SWINGPLUS and MILESTONEPLUS, over last 15 years, out of these thousands of choices available to pick from. The algorithms are so selective that they have identified less than 0.00013% as potential good trades out of a large haystack of possibilities. Another intersting piece of information is that for years where strategies made huge gains (2013, 2014, 2016), relatively higher number of trades could have been made. In 2013, both SWINGPLUS and MILESTONEPLUS strategies identified more than 200 possibilities each. If you were following any one of these strategies, 2013 would be a relatively busy year for trading.. but a hugely rewarding one as well (see gains)

On the other hand in 2008 and 2009, very small nnumber of trade possibilities were identified. That's great for you because these were not good years for the stock market and if you don't trade at bad times, the capital is kept safe (see advantages) The PROFITMONK algorithms, powered by statistical robustness don't just identify the market situation where it may be benefitial to invest in a particular option strategy for any stock, but also ensure that the information is made available on the webpage only if the options that can be played are at historically cheap prices and have reasonable time left before they expire.

For every possible trade, clear information is created by the PROFITMONK mathematical models about what to buy as well as its' target buy, sell and stoploss price, typically you as a trader can set all the orders up in the evening after market closes for next day, or next morning before market opens. The infographic below is a good example.

The options that a trader buys give him tremendous leverage with controlled risk. Remember, the PROFITMONK strategies are useful for active traders, who don't mind spending about 10 minutes every day to decide the strategy of their trading routine, are disciplined and believe that by working diligently on a simple trading routine, wealth can be generated.